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The story behind the New Folklore Collection

New Collection 2024 Folklore

My connection with Mexico

I arrived in Mexico in 2016 for a work trip. I instantly fell in love with Mexico City , I saw myself living there… in the Roma or Condesa neighborhood. Two years later, I packed my bags and moved countries. From Madrid to CDMX.

I spent a total of three years living in Mexico, getting to know its culture, its gastronomy, its traditions and its people. I continue to travel to Mexico frequently, at least once a year and I spend a full month there to design new collections and do photo shoots. I have traveled most of the country and even so, I continue to be amazed by the wonder of new corners and places that I discover.

About the collection

This collection is very special to me because (I think) it is very complete: we have returned to making super colorful traditional huaraches similar to the ones we made in 2020 when we launched the first collection. We have also added very comfortable sandals that seem to me to be an essential wardrobe item. And finally! the two-tone blades that I designed in 2022 but they were not able to see the light of day until this year.

Why Folklore?

Folklore is the way I feel about Mexico, from my point of view as Jess, a Galician who emigrated there. I like the contrast between a colored wall and a taco stand, the handwritten signs in each store, the street fruit stands, every corner seems to me to have a very peculiar charm.

All the photos in this collection were taken in Oaxaca in a session that lasted 4 days. I hope that with them you can feel the essence of the Folklore collection .

A hug

Jess, Co-founder of MEXAS


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