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Alebrijes: A journey into the fantastic world of Mexican craftsmanship

What are alebrijes?

Alebrijes are a type of Mexican handicraft characterized by their fantastic and colorful figures. They are imaginary beings that combine physiognomic elements of different animals, both real and imaginary, in a single being. They are usually created with cardboard, paper or wood, and are painted with vibrant and cheerful colors.

historia de los alebrijes

Origin of Alebrijes

The history of the alebrijes dates back to the 1930s, when Pedro Linares, a cartonero by trade, became seriously ill. During a severe fever, he dreamed of a forest full of fantastic animals that combined characteristics of different species. Upon awakening, Linares began to create these creatures in cardboard, bringing to life the beings he had seen in his dream.

pedro linares alebrijes



Alebrijes are characterized by:

Forms: They combine elements of different animals, creating hybrid and unique beings.
Colors: They are painted with vibrant and striking colors, using mainly primary and secondary tones.
Materials: They are made with different materials, the most common being cardboard, copal wood, paper and wire.
Symbolism: Each alebrije has its own meaning, which may be related to the creator's personality, Mexican culture or popular beliefs.

alebrije coyote


There are two main types of alebrijes:

  • Cardboard Alebrijes: These are the most traditional and are made with the technique of cardboard carving.
  • Wooden Alebrijes: They are carved in copal wood, mainly in Oaxaca, and are usually larger and more detailed than the cardboard ones.
  • This is my personal collection that I have been buying in different trips to Mexico.

coleccion alebrijes


Alebrijes are an important part of Mexican culture and have gained international recognition for their beauty and originality. They are considered a popular art form that reflects the creativity and imagination of the Mexican people.


Beyond the craft:

Alebrijes have transcended their artisanal origin to become a symbol of Mexican culture. They can be found in museums, art galleries and private collections around the world. They have also inspired diverse artistic expressions such as films, books, songs and plays.

Alebrijes are a magical universe that invites you to explore creativity, imagination and Mexican culture. They are a unique art form that transports you to a world of fantasy and color.


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