Así nació MEXAS

MEXAS is made up of two partners, but above all, friends: Jess & Borja

We met at StubHub (a company of the eBay group), we both worked in Marketing and from the beginning we connected very well. The company proposed to Jess to go to work in Mexico City and she lived there for two years. However, a video call in the spring of 2019 changed everything:

"Borja, I want to set up a brand of huaraches and bring them to Europe"

"Don't do that without me".

A few months later we already had everything in mind: suppliers, a social objective, a product that convinced us, and above all, we had the illusion through the roof.

In Tehotihuacán, taking energy from the pyramids!

Jess, from A Coruña, born in 91

What's up? I am Jess, the creative soul of MEXAS, among many other things, who makes all the photos, videos, campaigns and other material that you see on the web and Instagram. In my free time I like to paint, walk with my dog, Crema, and break down trying to do impossible yoga poses.

In the summer of 2017, I decided to go live in Mexico for work reasons and like most of us Spaniards who ended up there, I fell in love with the country, its people, its landscapes, traditions, culture and food.

In summer I always returned to Spain to see my family and friends, and on one of these trips I took a few huaraches to give to my mother and friends. They all loved them and many asked me to bring more, and anyone who came to Mexico to visit would take a pair for her and another to give as gifts. It was clearly a product that generated interest.

Borja and I always talked about entrepreneurship and our crazy ideas. One day I told him about the huaraches and how he had the same or more desire to begin the project, here we are!

Since then I have not stopped working and trying to make MEXAS something great, putting all my love and taking care of every detail.

In Puerto Escondido we designed the first collection and discovered Mujeres Aliadas

Borja, from Gijón, born in 92

Hello! I am Borja and I am in charge of the less visible face of MEXAS, you know, bureaucracy, processes, and those less showy things, but vital for the proper functioning of the project.

The truth is that I had been behind the world of entrepreneurship for some time, looking for a good opportunity and above all a project that fulfilled me on a professional and personal level and that had a social background. MEXAS was love at first sight, as soon as Jess asked me to create what at first we were going to call Nopal, I made the decision in a few tenths of a second. In October 2019 I took a leave of absence from work and went to Mexico to visit Jess, see suppliers and lay the principles of the project.

In my free time, the little bit that I have left, I am YouTuber, I have a history channel, called Memorias de Pez, in which I try to entertain the public with small passages of the history of the world told in a simple way through drawings.

In Guadalajara, we went to see Guns 'N' Roses and Borja tried mezcal, the rest is history.

Eating some street taquitos, we had to take more energy

At the notary, when we set up the company (in Spain, of course)

April 2020, we go on sale in full confinement. It is not seen, but we smile :)