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Frequent questions

We recommend that you choose your usual size.

If you are unsure between two sizes, you can measure your foot and consult our Size Guide.

All leather shoes give because they adapt to your foot.

The first few days you should feel them tight but without hurting your fingers.

We recommend trying them on for several days at home before deciding if you need a size change. Do it at the last minute as this is the time when our feet are most swollen.

If after several days you see that they have not given way and that you feel uncomfortable, let us know and we will change them without any proble

In the following map you can see all the stores where you can find MEXAS. Below the map you can see what models each store has.

Todos los huaraches son piel de vacuno curtida vegetalmente, EXCEPTO el modelo TOLTECA.

Nuestras suelas son:

  1. De caucho vegetal: En todos nuestros huaraches tradicionales, y modelos como Azteca y Purépecha.
  2. Microtech: En modelos como Malinche, Moctezuma, Tamarindo, Jamaica y Guayaba.
  3. Cuero: En Taco y Tortilla.
  4. Suela bio: en Jalisco, Puebla, Durazno.

If you have thin feet, we recommend the models that have cross braiding because they collect the foot better:

  • Huaraches with cross braiding: Acapulco, Chiapas, Chapulines, Chapuines Altos
  • Huaraches with low-cut instep: La Paz, Balandra, Veracruz, Güerita.
  • Sandals that tie around the ankle will also look good on you: Azteca, Purépecha, Maya, Taco, Tortilla, Tamarindo, Malinche, Moctezuma.
  • All espadrilles: J acaranda, Sonora, Pitaya, Cenote.

Any huarache feels good for wide feet because they all end up giving and adapting to the width of your foot.

However, there are some models that feel better from the first day you put them on thanks to their type of braiding. We recommend you:

Traditional Huarache: Sahuayo, Frijolito, Sahuayo Alto, Chapulines Altos.

Mules and Menorcans: Uxmal, Palenque, Jalisco, Puebla, Durazno, Malinche and Moctezuma.

Sandals: Taco and Tortilla.

We usually recommend the following models since their braiding does not bother bunions:

  • Malinche and Montezuma

  • Uxmal and Palenque

  • Bacalar

You can see all the doubts related to shipping (times, cost, etc.) in our Shipping Policy:

You must include the address of your nearest post office when you make the payment.

Then, send us an email to to let us know.

At the moment we only accept payment by credit card, debit card and Paypal. You can also pay 3 months interest free with Scalapay.

Sí, Scalapay es un método de pago que te permite comprar, recibir los productos de forma inmediata y pagarlos en 3 cuotas iguales:

  • Primer plazo: en el momento de la compra.
  • Segundo plazo: un mes después del día de la compra.
  • Tercer y último plazo: dos meses después del día de la compra.

Los pasos son los siguientes:

1. Selecciona "Pago en 3 plazos" con Scalapay al terminar la compra.

2. Crea una cuenta.

3. Añade un método de pago: Conecta una tarjeta de débito, crédito o prepago.

4. Finaliza la compra.

5. ¡Así de sencillo!

You can see all the questions related to changes and returns in our Refund Policy:

Escribe un email a (OJO! es .co y no .com) y te ayudaremos encantados.