From the first moment, we have been very clear that this project had to have a positive impact, a social project. We want to do things well, be totally transparent with you, build a brand with responsible production and contribute to the development of the most vulnerable communities, such as the State of Michoacán, in Mexico.

This is where a fundamental element of our project comes in, the Mujeres Aliadas association:

Mujeres Aliadas is a non-profit organization in Michoacán, which promotes women's rights through talks and workshops, provides sexual and reproductive health care, and promotes empowerment through training through courses for women and adolescents.

All of these are fundamental tasks, since the lack of resources and education in the area are alarming: Hospital beds are lacking to attend births, midwives are lacking, education is lacking, and all of this translates into untreated illnesses from not attending the gynecologist, health problems on babies, or alarmingly high caesarean rates.

That is why we have decided to collaborate with this association and return to our huaracheras a small part of what they give us: