We keep all steps of our production chain as ethical and eco-friendly as possible. From raw materials until they reach your hands.

The leather

The leather of the Huaraches MEXAS is locally tanned in Sahuayo, following a traditional process with more than 200 years of history. In this way we continue to benefit the state of Michoacán and avoid emissions in transportation. To dye the leather,we use plant and earth based dyes,instead of harmful chemicals. The leather dries naturally in the open air for several days.

    correas de cuero para huaraches


      • The courier bags that we use, are compostables, made from a combination of corn-based biopolymers. The bag decomposes after 6 months and is certified for domestic or commercial compost. If you don't have compost in your house, you should throw it in the organic or waste container so that it can decompose organically.
      • The cardboard box where your MEXAS arrive is ecological and respectful with the planet. Made with 90% recycled materials and 100% recyclable after use.
      • The tissue paper, is FSC certified, which guarantees that it comes from well-managed forests. The ink used in the paper is made from soy, an ecological alternative to oil-based inks.