We believe in a transparent fashion industry, that's why we tell you everything about the production process and the hands behind it

The hands that make MEXAS possible

The hands that make our huaraches are the heart and soul of MEXAS. The truth is that none of the founders are fashion experts, nor did we have any idea how a shoe was made by hand. So, we have dedicated ourselves to listen and learn everything we have been able to listen and learn with the Huaracheros, so that we can tell you all the details of the process and the materials.


From generation to generation

    Most of these artisans learned how to make huaraches from a very young age, and they have been in this profession for more than 30 years. It is very common to find several members of the same family working together in the same factory. To this day, we continue to see that the young people of Sahuayo continue with the family business, contributing technology and innovation. Which for us is a sign that we can move forward together and achieve unique collections.

    - Raúl Flores Ortega y Santiago Flores Ortega -
    The encorrelladoras

      It takes approximately 2 hours in finishing a pair of MEXAS, depending on the type of huaraches. The most complicated part and the one that requires the most time is encorrellar, which is basically passing the leather straps through the holes and forming the braid.

      This step is usually done by women, known as ‘The encorrelladoras’, normally housewives who in their spare time dedicate themselves to weaving huaraches in order to bring income to the home. On several trips to Sahuayo we have been able to sit with them. We have been told that this trade is comfortable for them because it gives them the facility to do it at the time they want and while they can attend to their household chores, family, etc.

      Typically, they leave the front door open so they can work in natural light. The scene is beautiful.

      encorrelladora de huaraches
      - Teresa Sánchez encorrellando in her living room

      We want to go further

      We want to return to the encorrelladoras a small part of what they give us, therefore, with each pair of MEXAS you buy, we will donate a part to Mujeres Aliadas, a non-profit association in Michoacán.We tell you everything about the Social Projecthere.

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