Tradition with more than 500 years of history

    The origin of the huarache dates back to the pre-Columbian period when they were still made from cotton. With the arrival of the Spanish in Mexico, they perfected themselves by making leather straps, and this is the way they continue to be done today. From MEXAS, we want to maintain this tradition and add a unique design with colors and braids adapted to the European style.

    Benefits of huaraches

    One of the great advantages of artisan leather shoes is that after a while wearing them, they adapt to your feet and your footprint. Being a natural material, it is porous and flexible, making the foot breathe and adjust. They are very comfortable for day to day. Learn more about the raw material in the materials section.

    • When using them, as with any leather shoe, wrinkles will form on the surface, a sign that they have adapted to the foot
    • With the passage of time, the leather ages and in the case of the huaraches, the colors change hue, usually turning a little darker.
    • Huaraches are not mass produced, they are 100% handmade, so each pair is unique, no two are ever the same. We review each pair and go through quality controls, but we are human and we may miss a detail. If this happens, check our return policy so we can evaluate your case :)

    How to take care of your huaraches

    These are the tips of our artisans:

    • We recommend not putting them in the sun (or a radiator) as this can cause discoloration or cracks on the feet
    • Use an appropriate brush to remove dirt
    • If it has difficult stains you can clean them with a soft cloth with soap and water, ideally it should be with 100% natural pumpkin soap
    • Occasionally apply clear cream or natural wax to nourish and protect