• We work with Mexican sizes, that's why the best thing for you is to measure your foot. If you can do it at night that is when we have the most swollen feet.


  • The correct way to measure your foot is by placing a sheet of paper attached to the wall. Get barefoot on the sheet, sticking your heel against the wall. Then mark on the folio just where the longest toe ends (not always the big toe). With a ruler, measure, in centimeters, the distance between both points (heel and longest toe).
  • If your foot measures 23 cm, your size is 37. If it measures 23.9 cm, your size is still 37, what will happen is that you will be a little fair the first few days. But it is recommended, because as they are made of leather they will mold to your foot. In fact, if you have a wide foot do not worry, because the straps will adapt to your shape when you use them a few times.

guia de tallas mexas

  • If you still have doubts, you can write us on Instagram and we will advise you.